eScholar CDW is a CoolTool Finalist

We are excited to bring forth this newest announcement: our eScholar CDW product has been listed as a finalist for the prestigious CoolTool 2023 award! This remarkable accolade not only spotlights the innovation behind eScholar CDW but also emphasizes our unwavering dedication to fostering advanced solutions for the global scholarly community.


A Dive into the CoolTool Awards

For those who might be new to it, the CoolTool Awards annually celebrate the crests of technological innovation and influence. Industry leaders, experts, and enthusiasts mark their calendars each year for these awards, eagerly awaiting the announcement of the finalists and eventual winners. Earning a place as a finalist is a nod to a company’s or product’s transformative impact on technology and progressive change.


A Hearty Thank You

Every milestone we achieve is shaped by the trust and feedback of our invaluable users. Your engagement, constructive critiques, and endorsements have shaped eScholar CDW into the formidable tool it is today.

To our zealous team – a massive salute for your consistent endeavors. It is your innovation, your pursuit of excellence, and your commitment to our vision that has hoisted eScholar CDW to this esteemed recognition.


The Road Ahead for eScholar CDW

While this acknowledgment as a CoolTool 2023 finalist marks a significant moment, it’s merely a signpost on our journey of continued innovation. We’re bubbling with ideas for enhancements and groundbreaking features to further enrich eScholar CDW.


To wrap up, the recognition of eScholar CDW as a CoolTool 2023 finalist fills us with gratitude and invigorates our spirit. We are more inspired than ever to forge ahead, innovate, and create lasting impact. Here’s to a promising and groundbreaking future!



The eScholar Team.

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