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eScholar is passionate about accelerating innovation and improvement through data, people, and action. The leadership team ensures we strive to achieve that vision every day. eScholar’s parent company is Harris. In the face of this acquisition eScholar has grown stronger than ever before. Our leadership has a strong financial backing through Harris, while still having a small business feel.
John Pozzuto
Executive Vice President
As Executive Vice President at eScholar, John Pozzuto has played several roles at the organization since joining eScholar in 2005, including Development Manager, Security Officer, and Chief Technology Officer. He has worked with all of the product teams to develop a standard product life-cycle and has focused on the integration of an eScholar product suite. Prior to joining eScholar, John worked as a developer in the financial and human resource industries.

Elissa Seto

Director of Marketing and Sales
As the Director, Marketing and Sales for eScholar, Elissa Seto is a creative and dynamic leader who has over fifteen years of experience across education, marketing, and sales. Elissa leads eScholar’s marketing and sales strategy and execution, from steering the company’s brand and vision to closing deals with state and local education agencies. Elissa is a trusted team leader who builds coalitions across teams and organizations.

Wolf Boehme

Director of Business Development

Wolf Boehme is the Director of Business Development for eScholar. He brings over 20 years of executive leadership experience in information technology to any project. Wolf has a proven record of ensuring that the eScholar Team delivers on-time, within budget, and provides excellent customer service. Wolf has been the Executive Sponsor for many statewide projects and has a deep knowledge of all eScholar products.

James Anderson

Director of Research & Development
James has more than 20 years of IT experience designing and developing solutions supporting application databases. He has been a database administrator and developer for very large and sophisticated databases in SQL Server, Oracle and PostgreSQL. In his current role, James oversees the IT team and team functions, including database administration, software installation, and general IT support. He provides database administration services to numerous state education clients.

Andrea Hartman

Director of Product Management
With more than twenty years of experience in IT, specializing in data services, technical support, and software development in the education industry, Andrea’s experience also includes nearly a decade in product management. Responsible for providing leadership roles in data integration, requirements analysis, quality assurance, implementation, support, training, and related subjects. She will work closely with teams implementing eScholar’s Uniq-ID and DirectMatch products.

Beverly Walker

CDW Development Manager

Beverly began her career as a Lead Application Developer building the first repository of eScholar Complete Data Warehouse® reports; including Product Manager and Quality Assurance Manager. Beverly played a key role in the development of early warning, assessment, false drop-out, and many other reports based on the of eScholar Complete Data Warehouse®. Beverly served in this role for 6 years before being promoted to the Development Manager for eScholar Complete Data Warehouse.

Marc Hoffmeister

Director of Client Services
Marc Hoffmeister’s role is managing a team of subject matter experts on the Client Services team, including Account & Project Managers, Customer Support & Education and Technical Business Analysts. His responsibilities include keeping close communication with all eScholar clients with focus on project implementations, ensuring project expectations and quality standards for all clients are reached, acting as a liaison between managers and executive management.

Nick Chouloute

Customer Support Manager

Nick Chouloute is a seasoned Customer Support Manager who is committed to providing exceptional assistance to eScholar’s clients. With two decades of experience providing customer support services to the utility and information technology sectors, Nick manages his team with the goal of providing professional, timely, accurate, and comprehensive assistance to satisfy customer needs. He and his team receive, assess, document and resolve each client issue that is raised with the goal of achieving the highest customer satisfaction.

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