eScholar CDW for Postsecondary


Bringing Data Together Across Postsecondary

The eScholar CDW for Postsecondary enables state education agencies and institutions of higher education to integrate disparate enterprise-wide data into a centralized data store, allowing longitudinal and cross-departmental analysis to inform data-driven decision making. Leveraging the most comprehensive education data model available in a COTS solution, our product unlocks the value of enterprise transactional data so education agencies and institutions can gain a complete picture of their organization, from institution and campus attributes to staff and student demographics and characteristics, enrollment, courses and grades, programs and services, and more.


Available for the entire early childhood, PK-12, and postsecondary education spectrum, the eScholar CDW enables your agency to collect and analyze data longitudinally.


The eScholar CDW collects and integrates data from disparate sources to have a single source of truth for your agency. The PK-12 model covers 62 data domains.


Set up automated data loads from your source systems and refreshes your reporting system on your desired schedule. That means quality data back to your end-users when they need it.


eScholar continues to align with CEDS and stretch beyond the scope of CEDS to ensure that our customers are receiving the best possible data.


Evolving Data Model to Meet the Needs of Our Customers

There are over 20 data categories currently available for load to the eScholar CDW Postsecondary. We offer data categories like Program and Services that allows tracking of attributes of programs and services offered at institutions and campuses. Associate CIP Codes to programs. Enforce state agency authorization of programs to be offered at an institution or campus. Aggregate and disaggregate programs by type, group, categories, level (undergrad vs. grad), program area, or concentration area. Define and track an unlimited number of program-related measures – counts, amounts, or percentages – or indicators to be associated with a student, a campus, or an institution. Leading-edge design methodologies give clients the power to define any kind of measure or indicator that needs to be tracked. Our State-of-the-art design provides the flexibility to define additional measures and indicators to be collected as requirements evolve.

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