eScholar Earns Ed-Fi API Consumer Badge

eScholar is now an official Ed-Fi API Consumer Badge holder! With this badge, we’ve formally met the requirements to read data out of the Ed-Fi API and integrate that data with two of our products, the eScholar CDW and eScholar Advantage. With both solutions, customers can easily integrate data from their Ed-Fi ODS via the API into their enterprise data warehouse, whether it’s the eScholar CDW hosted on premise or eScholar Advantage, our hosted data analytics solution.   

Shared Goals and Benefits 

eScholar and Ed-Fi both share the goal of connecting and using data to better serve teachers and students. Our API Consumer Badge is a testament to this belief, as this functionality will make it easier for our customers to integrate their Ed-Fi ODS data into a robust, longitudinal data warehouse and analytics platform. By using the Ed-Fi API, customers using by eScholar and Ed-Fi benefit with: 

  • Easier Data Integration: Many data system vendors, such as Student Information/Management Systems (SIS/SMS) and Assessments Systems, are active members of the Ed-Fi community. If the data is already in your district’s Ed-Fi ODS, eScholar can use the Ed-Fi API to consume that data for longitudinal reporting and analysis.  
  • Efficiency and Time Saving: By utilizing the Ed-Fi ODS and its API, our team can integrate data into the eScholar CDW and eScholar Advantage faster, so your district and charter school can get to reporting and analytics sooner. 
  • Deeper Collaboration: As part of our journey with Ed-Fi, eScholar will be participating more in the Ed-Fi community events, so we can hear from the community more often and innovate together to provide more products and services that meet the evolving needs of districts and schools.  


For Ed-Fi Community members seeking an Ed-Fi compliant data warehouse solution, eScholar offers a proven and robust data warehouse already supports over 5 million students across the country. Check out some of our demos and use cases on our website.  

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