Our customers rely on eScholar to provide products for their
 strategic and foundational data challenges.

eScholar CDW™

Formerly known as the eScholar Complete Data Warehouse®, the eScholar CDW is an education data warehouse that solves problems by consolidating, validating, standardizing, and integrating data residing in information silos.

eScholar Uniq-ID®

Match student records sourced from various systems and ensure that the right information is associated with the right individual. 

eScholar DirectMatch™

Streamline and automate the process of identifying students eligible for free and reduced-price lunch meals through Direct Certification and CEP.

eScholar Advantage

There is a place for virtually any of your district’s data in the eScholar Advantage data model. Now, rather than trying to splice together spreadsheets and look at data in multiple tabs in Excel, any district can access enterprise analytics.