Our customers rely on eScholar to provide solutions for
their strategic and foundational data solution challenges.

Disparate Data Sets?

P20W Statewide Longitudinal Data Systems

eScholar tackles these problems by combining our eScholar CDW™ & eScholar Uniq-ID® products into a powerful and comprehensive P20W Statewide Longitudinal Data System (P20W SLDS)
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60+ Data Categories, and No Way To Combine or Overlap?

PK12 LEA Longitudinal Data Systems

eScholar faces overwhelming data sets head-on with our eScholar CDW™ solution. Our eScholar CDW™ is aligned with the Common Education Data Standards (CEDS) to properly support states and local districts with interoperability among disparate systems.
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Low Free & Reduced Lunch Matches?

Food & Nutrition Support

With the eScholar Food and Nutrition solution, states can streamline and automate the paperwork-intensive and time-consuming process of identifying students eligible for free and reduced-price meals with over 95% accuracy.
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Rigid, ALL or Nothing CEDS Solution Options?

Common Education Data Standards Solution

The eScholar CEDS Solution is a flexible implementation comprehensive data collection, validation, and repository solution that education agencies use to drive local, state, and federal reporting.
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Duplicated Counts, & Un-Matched Records?

eScholar Unique Identifier

eScholar’s Unique Identifier Solution is a robust, proven solution that assigns and manages unique identifiers while protecting privacy and security.
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Confusing, & Non-Flexible Reporting Systems?

eScholar Reporting Solutions

eScholar’s Reporting Solution provides comprehensive and a la carte services to implement cutting-edge analytics. With en­gaging and user-friendly visualizations, this solution empowers in­formed decisions about policies, programs, teaching, and learning.
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Non CEDS Aligned Solutions? Duplicated Counts?

Early Childhood Integrated Data Systems

eScholar’s Uniq-ID assigns unique IDs to early childhood participants and early childhood workforce, which helps combat duplicated counts. These Uniq-IDs link early childhood records to the K12 SLDS through integrated data.
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Unclear Multi-Year Longitudinal Data?

Matching & Linking Over Multiple Years

Whether your state is looking to replace its SLDS or your agency would like to integrate to its ECIDS, with the eScholar DirectMatch & Uniq-ID, states can accurately calculate unduplicated counts, link data across agencies and source systems, and maximize eligibility and funding
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Our Products

eScholar Advantage

eScholar Advantage is for any district that wants to conduct root cause analysis to better support their students. With eScholar Advantage, you’re not just looking at assessment results, but looking at data alongside that result, such as program, demographic, discipline, and more.

eScholar CDW™

The eScholar CDW (formerly known as eScholar Complete Data Warehouse®) is a complete data warehouse that solves problems by consolidating, validating, standardizing, and integrating data residing in information silos, also unlocking the value of data. This data warehouse was designed to enable state education agencies, school districts, and higher education institutions to integrate information dispersed across the enterprise, and analyze that information longitudinally and across functional areas to improve student outcomes.

eScholar Uniq-ID®

eScholar Uniq-ID is the most widely-implemented statewide unique identifier solution available in the education field and enables state education agencies to accurately assign and manage nonpersonally identifiable unique identifiers for persons across time, location, and source.

eScholar EDFacts™

eScholar recognized early the significant time and resource commitment required of state education agencies to prepare data for submission to the EDFacts portal. We set out to deliver a software solution that automates and manages that work, allowing state EDFacts coordinators to focus on the quality of their underlying data while the software manages the application of thousands of business rules, rollups, aggregations, and file requirements.

eScholar DirectMatch™

eScholar DirectMatch streamlines and automates the paperwork-intensive and time-consuming process of identifying students eligible for free and reduced-price meals. It provides the most accurate matches for Direct Certification and Community Eligibility Provision to substantially narrow the gap of unfed children.