FY23 SLDS Grants: Congratulations to Grantees! 

Congratulations to the 2023 SLDS grantees! In 2023, the Institute of Education Sciences (IES) announced its 8th round of SLDS grants. These grants cover four priority areas:  1) Infrastructure and Interoperability; 2) College and Career; 3) School Finance; and 4) State Policy Questions. Since 2005, in which 14 states were awarded the first federal grants to build the foundation of their statewide longitudinal data systems, IES has supported the development and implementation of data systems that support decision making and outcomes across P20W.  

With this latest round of grants, every eligible state education agency has now received at least one SLDS grants. The FY23 grantees and their grant are:  





Commonwealth of the Mariana Islands 


 District of Columbia 
























 North Carolina 




 New Hampshire 


 New Jersey 


 New Mexico 




 New York 


 Rhode Island 


 South Carolina 


 South Dakota 








 At eScholar, we are proud to be part of this SLDS community since the beginning of the initiative. Many of our customers have used eScholar products as key components of their systems, such as eScholar Uniq-ID and the eScholar CDW. We have continued to grow and enhance our products to ensure they meet new needs and achieve new goals. For example, eScholar Uniq-ID began as a K12 student ID system in one state in 2004 and has now evolved into a true person ID system that can be used across the entire P20W continuum. For example, in Texas, if a student graduates and returns to a school district as a staff member, that student will be assigned the same unique identifier as they had when they were a student.  

With many of the grantees focusing on modernizing their systems and linking more data to their SLDS, we are excited to see how states will be innovating to use data to support decision making and improve outcomes.  

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