eScholar EDFacts™

Save Your Coordinators Time

Focus On the Quality of Your Data

eScholar recognized early the significant time and resource commitment required of state education agencies to prepare data for submission to the EDFacts portal. We set out to deliver a software solution that automates and manages that work, allowing state EDFacts coordinators to focus on the quality of their underlying data while the software manages the application of thousands of business rules, rollups, aggregations, and file requirements.


Our CEDS alignment to the EDFacts 2019 is publicly available on the CEDS website, where you can find our complete mapping.


The EDFacts Data Mart stores current and historical EDFacts data for year-over-year comparisons and analysis and is compatible with any ODBC-compliant reporting and analysis tool.


Prebuilt, tested, and maintained data transformation and calculation logic reflecting the latest business rules and guidance from the U.S. Department of Education.


Easy browser-based dashboard, that guides you through each of the nearly 100 EDFacts submissions required to progress through multiple stages of preparation. eScholar keeps track of it all so at any time, you know exactly what you need to do next.


Focus On Data Quality

Source your data from any number of source systems – including the eScholar Complete Data Warehouse and store historical data for year-over-year comparison of EDFacts file data. Manage your workflow visually in a single environment, using our EDFacts Dashboard to guide you through each step of the process so that you can focus on data quality without being distracted by the hundreds of business rules, rollups, aggregation, formatting, and file naming requirements demanded by EDFacts. eScholar EDFacts allows users to catch data anomalies before submission to the EDFacts portal.

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Product Highlight: eScholar CDW™

The eScholar CDW is a CEDS-aligned COTS application that integrates data from any number of source systems across any entity, allowing state agencies to create an SLDS that meets their needs. Systems that seamlessly integrate with the eScholar CDW include student information, HR, special education, assessment, teacher evaluation, enterprise resource planning systems and many, many others.

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