eScholar Location ID

Save Time and Resources

Streamline Services and Programs Across Various Organizations

eScholar Location ID delivers a platform for uniquely identifying an entity across time, operational usage, or source and enables the exchange of location data across systems. Identifying an entity allows for quick verification of services and programs, simplifies record-keeping, and more.


Allow assigned users to quickly and accurately verify services and programs at distinct locations that have one or many addresses, have one or many Facility Types, or may be associated with one more Organization.


Simplify record-keeping, enable data sharing, and reporting across all agencies to help identify undetected issues with specific entities.


eScholar Location ID allows users to customize hierarchies of locations like classrooms, office buildings, buses, Early Childhood facilities, courthouses, and more.


Users are able to utilize the most cutting edge technology in the industry to streamline adding a location, resolving near matches, and searching for organizations, groups, and locations.


Generate Universal Location Identifiers for Each Location

With eScholar Location ID, users can differentiate between entities through a Universal Location Identifier. The ULID ensures identifiers are not duplicated across sources or time and enables longitudinal and transactional analysis. An entity offers different services or programs across various organizations and has different contact information per organization, but it’s important to track the location as the same entity for billing, issue resolution, and data analysis.

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Product Highlight: eScholar Uniq-ID®

The eScholar Uniq-ID is a powerful application that assigns unique identification numbers to individuals across the entire P20W continuum. It assigns a unique identifier that can be used to track individual records across time, geography, and source systems. The eScholar Uniq-ID has been used to create over 37 million unique person IDs for ten states.

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