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eScholar Advantage is for any district that wants to conduct root cause analysis to better support their students. With eScholar Advantage, you’re not just looking at assessment results, but looking at data alongside that result, such as program, demographic, discipline, and more. Districts aren’t limited to assessment data. Districts can also use this to analyze data related to finance/budgeting, staff, National Student Clearinghouse, and more. Below is a list of all data domains available with eScholar Advantage. With this initial release, end users would be limited to district and school administrators, though teachers are on the near-term roadmap.

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eScholar Advantage is an enterprise analytics solution that enables districts to bring data together into a single integrated platform for in-depth analytics. It is an end-to-end solution, from data integration to hosting to visualization and analysis. The solution offering includes the following features and services:

In the past few years of delivering solutions and services to the education field, the heaviest lift for districts in getting started was the initial set up: Setting up servers, installing database software, installing the eScholar software, and mapping, extracting, transforming, and loading the data. With eScholar Advantage, districts let us do the heavy lifting. There’s no software to install, no servers to set up.

  • Data integration from your SIS or Ed-Fi ODS with the capacity to bring in data from any number of data sources 
  • The full star schema data model of the eScholar CDW, covering over 60 data domains 
  • Hosting and application management on Amazon Web Services (AWS) 
  • Out-of-the-box visualizations with Amazon Quicksight, one of the leading data visualization tool in the market 
    • Plus the ability to create your own dashboards in Quicksight.
  • Access to analytics for district administrators and principals, with teachers on the near-term roadmap. 

There is a place for virtually any of your district’s data in the eScholar Advantage data model. The table above just shows categories and does not drill into specific data elements. Now, rather than trying to splice together spreadsheets and look at data in multiple tabs in Excel, any district can have access to enterprise analytics.

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#Data Domain
1Academic Standards
2Assessment-To-Academic Standards Linkage
3Assessment-To-Class Linkage
4Assessment-To-Course Linkage
5Budgeted and Actual Spending by Account, Department, and Location
6Career and Technical Education
7Charter Transactions
8Class Instructor Attributes
9Cohort Groups
10Course & Class Attributes
11Course-To-Academic Standards Linkage
12Discipline Incidents & Referral
13Discipline Responses, Suspensions, Expulsions
14District and Location Groups
15District Attributes and Measures
16Early Childhood Attributes
17Elementary School Report Cards
19Graduation Status
20Job Applicant Tracking
21Location Attributes and Measures
22Migrant Student Attributes
23National Student Clearinghouse ® Data
25Post School Activity
#Data Domain
26Program Eligibility & Participation
27Program Sections
28Program Services & Activities
30School Enrollment Entry & Exit
31Special Education Events
32Special Education Services
33Special Education Students
34Staff Assignment
35Staff Attendance
36Staff Attributes and Measures
37Staff Certification
38Staff Degrees
39Staff Demographics and Attributes
40Staff Evaluation
41Staff Professional Development
42Staff Tenure
43Standardized Assessments & Results
44State Attributes and Measures
45Student Academic Plans
46Student Attributes and Measures
47Student Awards
48Student Class Enrollment
49Student Class Grades
50Student Contacts
51Student Course Attendance
52Student Course Transcript
#Data Domain
53Student Credits and GPA
54Student Daily Summary & Attendance
55Student Demographics and Attributes
56Student Education Barriers
57Student Employment
58Student Groups and Extracurricular Involvement
59Student Period Attendance
60Student-Teacher-Assessment Linkage
61Student-Teacher-Course Linkage
63Title I Programs


If you have questions, you can contact an eScholar Advantage expert right now. We will get back to you as soon as possible.


If you have questions, you can contact an eScholar Advantage expert right now. We will get back to you as soon as possible.