eScholar Advantage™

Classroom and Enterprise Analytics

In-Depth & Broad Scale Data Visualizations

eScholar Advantage is a robust and comprehensive solution for education data integration, data visualization, and the implementation of Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS). With both the Classroom and Enterprise Modules, teachers and executives have access to meaningful data dashboards that streamline data workflows and provide powerful analytics capabilities.

Combined Data Integration

Clean and in-depth data integration is essential for strong data analytics. Integrate your district’s data from any data sources to power two unique modules.  Classroom Analytics offers Educator-level dashboards that provide educators with clear, actionable insights into student performance. Enterprise Analytics offers Executive-level dashboards that enable administrators to view and analyze data that can inform policies, strategies, and programs. The modern and flexible data warehouse of eScholar Advantage integrates data for both modules to enable unified, longitudinal, and holistic views across the district, schools, and students. Discover how eScholar Advantage can transform your data practices today!

The Classroom Module

The Classroom Module, powered by Edis, optimizes classroom data management and student success. With the powerful data integration of eScholar Advantage, users have a comprehensive view of student performance. Engaging dashboards and data stories help track progress and provide insights for decision-making. The Classroom Module supports MTSS by identifying at-risk students, assigning and monitoring interventions, and grouping students. The Classroom Module streamlines workflows, enhances collaboration, and focuses educators on improving student achievement.

The Enterprise Module

The Enterprise Module empowers district and school executives to make strategic data-informed decisions. This module includes ready-to-go dashboards that can also be modified and configured to meet every district and charter school unique needs. This module also allows authorized users to create their own dashboards using a robust and modern data analytics application. With the Enterprise Module, users have access to in-depth analysis across topics such as chronic absenteeism, enrollment trends, academic trends, and more,  providing actionable insights for strategic program decisions.

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