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Build a Strong Data Foundation with a Complete Data Warehouse

Transform Your Big Data Challenge Into Smart Data-Driven Decisions

The eScholar CDW (formerly known as eScholar Complete Data Warehouse®) is a complete data warehouse that solves problems by consolidating, validating, standardizing, and integrating data residing in information silos, also unlocking the value of data. This data warehouse was designed to enable state education agencies, school districts, and institutions of higher education to integrate information dispersed across the enterprise, and analyze that information longitudinally and across functional areas to improve student outcomes.


Available for the entire early childhood, PK-12, and postsecondary education spectrum, the eScholar CDW enables your agency to collect and analyze data longitudinally.


The eScholar CDW collects and integrates data from disparate sources to have a single source of truth for your agency. The PK-12 model covers 62 data domains.


Set up automated data loads from your source systems and refreshes to your reporting system on your desired schedule. That means quality data back to your end-users when they need it.


eScholar continues to align with CEDS and stretch beyond the scope of CEDS to ensure that our customers are receiving the best possible data.

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Solution Highlight: eScholar P20W SLDS

eScholar solutions incorporating the eScholar CDW, your state and district can bring together disparate data sets, evaluate programs and initiatives, meet federal and state compliance obligations, and so much more.


The eScholar CDW provides the most comprehensive education data models available in the early childhood, PK-12, and postsecondary education field. Conduct powerful data analysis and drive data science applications with our robust and integrated data model that encompasses over 3,500 data elements across over 60 data categories. The data model fully supports both federal and state reporting, including EDFacts and IDEA file submissions.


The eScholar CDW offers multiple ways to load data into the complete data warehouse. Through the user-friendly interface, eScholar Data Manager, you have options to load data using the eScholar API, Secure FTP transfer, or manual uploads. The eScholar API and Secure FTP options can be automated with your source systems so that users are not required to process data.


The solution enables flexible options for reporting, including using your own reporting tools or you can jump-start your reporting needs with our full catalog of reports. We support ODBC-compliant reporting tools and applications to drive robust reporting. With eScholar Analytics, we offer an extensive catalog of pre-built reports that enable users to analyze data such as Attendance or College and Career Prep and Enrollment.


Customer Highlight: Fort Wayne Community Schools

Fort Wayne Community Schools leverages longitudinal data to power decision making across the district. From student profile reports to teacher evaluation, learn how FWCS uses the complete data warehouse to collect and manage a broad scope of data that provides insight and transparency.

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