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eScholar’s solutions provide a strong data foundation to power data-driven decisions across:

Proven Solutions

Answer Questions Around Policies and Programs

Using eScholar solutions, agencies and their stakeholders are empowered to provide better and more equitable support for students and educators. eScholars Proven Solutions are reliable, scalable, and meeting the needs over 10 states and 10s of millions of individuals by allowing agencies to collect and integrate their data to analyze policies, improve programs, ensure compliance and accountability, and more.


We Meet Education Needs

By bringing data together, eScholar joins ideas, people, and innovation. We solve problems and empower
decisions that make a difference.


eScholar integrates data across source systems and agencies. Learn more about how our customers are connecting their data to make decisions.


Learn how customers answer questions around programs and policies with eScholar solutions to enable success for students and educators.


Use data insight to empower decision making. Give your state or district the tools to succeed and make the right decisions with confidence.

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