eScholar myTrack™ Adopted as Catalyst to Personalized Education

eScholar Harnesses Input from Teachers and Administrators to Propel Use of eScholar myTrack at the Classroom Level

White Plains, NY, September 7, 2012 – eScholar, a leader in driving the application of research and data to personalize education, today announced the immediate availability of eScholar myTrack™ version 3.3. eScholar myTrack’s enhanced version can be used throughout a teacher’s daily routine, capitalizing on collected and published data and allowing more control at the district level. The new features of eScholar myTrack bridge the gap between raw longitudinal data and actionable information that can be used by teachers and local administrators to improve practices and achieve better student outcomes.

The release of eScholar myTrack 3.3 coincides with the new school year and the district-wide deployment within one of the nation’s largest school districts, North Carolina’s Cumberland County. Cumberland County administrators and teachers worked closely with eScholar to introduce classroom-level features that impact education outcomes by improving teaching methods and the ability to qualify results. Cumberland administrators are now able to communicate and implement district-level policies that accelerate adoption of successful practices faster. Version 3.3 now also provides reporting in the context of both the Common Core Data Standards, as well as the North Carolina Data Standards.

In a recent interview with Natasha Scott, the Executive Director of Student Services for Cumberland County Schools, she described the district’s experience with eScholar myTrack. “eScholar myTrack is an intuitive and user friendly tool for teachers and administrators. It allows our staff to quickly identify, update and track specific goals and student response to intervention. Teachers and administrators alike are excited about the introduction of myTrack into their daily routine to better manage and achieve student success.”

Two areas identified by teachers and administrators to enhance were the introduction of a robust meeting framework that is easy to update, as well as enhanced behavioral tracking that is aligned with both district and state level requirements. eScholar myTrack’s meeting interface now incorporates drop down menus, areas for teachers to add notes, as well as tighter integration between goals and prescribed actions. The combination of behavioral data in conjunction with longitudinal data, provided by a multitude of data systems, gives a complete view of each individual student’s progress.

“eScholar continues to work closely with teachers and administrators to incorporate features that are going to positively influence student outcomes,” said Shawn Bay, CEO and Founder of eScholar. “eScholar myTrack is the only commercially available goal-oriented solution on the market that leverages longitudinal data.”

Today’s announcement falls upon the heels of eScholar being awarded the New York State Education Department’s (NYSED) bid to deliver a comprehensive student-level data solution. eScholar will rely on its entire suite of solutions, including eScholar myTrack’s collaborative goal planning, as the interface for New York’s parents, students and teachers. To read more, visit eScholar’s website.

With eScholar myTrack, teachers are able to quickly identify, track and measure the effectiveness of each individual student’s progress. This is afforded by eScholar myTrack’s ability to establish goals and track progress on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis. This increased insight provides teachers and administrators a better understanding of the student, their unique needs, deficiencies, and possible areas of improvement based on current and historical information.

About eScholar
eScholar is the nation’s leading innovator in the application of billions of individual education data points to the needs and goals of each person. eScholar customers are realizing significant improvements in their ability to meet mandated reporting requirements but more importantly in their ability to improve pre-K through postsecondary student achievement. eScholar delivers an entire suite of award winning data warehouse, student and staff identifier management and collaborative goal planning solutions. Relied on by 13 state education agencies and over 4,800 districts across the country, eScholar products transform the way educators use data. For more information about eScholar, visit or call 877-328-2969.

Bill Cox
Experience Communications for eScholar



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