New York State Education Department Chooses eScholar to Personalize Education

eScholar myTrack™ to support statewide effort in providing educators, students and families with actionable information to support instruction and student learning

White Plains, NY, September 6, 2012 – eScholar, a leader in driving the application of research and data to personalize education, announced it was awarded, as one of three technology companies, the New York State Education Department’s (NYSED) bid to deliver a dashboard solution that will make education data accessible to teachers, parents and students. Currently collecting data for more than 20 million of the nation’s students, eScholar will utilize its proven technology, including eScholar myTrack™, a student focused solution that facilitates collaborative goal planning, as the interface for New York’s parents, students and teachers.

NYSED’s vision is to provide access to a broad set of education data. This includes an integrated view of student test scores, demographic information, curriculum materials, lesson plans and other items that educators and parents can access at any time in order to direct resources where they are needed most. Adoption of eScholar and eScholar myTrack takes the concept of dashboards far beyond the traditional and enables users to set, track and achieve individual educational goals.

eScholar has worked closely with both districts and Regional Information Centers for years to put data to work helping students. In this partnership, eScholar will continue to engage directly with educators to understand how to best leverage the principles of personalization to help drive educational achievement and deliver the eScholar solution on a large scale by Fall of 2013.

Focused on the needs of each student, eScholar myTrack efficiently personalizes education by providing a collaborative platform on which administrators, teachers and support staff are presented with an individualized and holistic view of a student’s progress across their entire education career. Parents and educators using the eScholar myTrack solution gain a better understanding of the student, their unique needs, deficiencies, and possible areas of improvement based on current and historical information. Building upon eScholar’s expertise in the collection of student data, eScholar myTrack aligns today’s education process to help students achieve their specific, unique goals.

“We are excited to be awarded the contract as it continues to validate the value delivered by personalized education,” said Shawn Bay, CEO and Founder of eScholar. “eScholar is leading the technology innovation that supports this powerful movement. This gives us the opportunity to leverage billions of records of data that we have been collecting for all levels of education and focus the use of that data on each individual. eScholar is looking forward to increasing the role we play within New York and more directly helping individual students achieve success.”

Already well-established within New York, the eScholar Complete Data Warehouse® provides detailed analytics to allow the NYSED to correlate student learning to individual teaching activities. This latest initiative will allow students themselves to take a more active role in their own education.

Driving Use of Data in Education

Today, schools collect pertinent information from multiple sources to drive curricula and meet specific Federal and State-level requirements. The information collected ranges from student attendance and enrollment records to class grades and credits, program participation and funding, testing, staff assignments and certifications, professional development, financial budgets, and more. eScholar, through its comprehensive solutions, integrates and consolidates this information – otherwise dispersed across the enterprise – ensuring data integrity and applying data quality and validation to create consistency. It also presents the information for analysis and reporting to a wide range of stakeholders and users, including administrators at all levels, teachers, counselors, students and parents.

Fast Facts:

  • eScholar CDW solution is the most comprehensive P-20 education data warehouse solution available.
  • eScholar’s data management products are relied upon by nearly 20 million students, more than 4,800 school districts and 13 state-level education agencies.

About eScholar

eScholar is the nation’s leading innovator in the application of billions of individual education data points to the needs and goals of each person. eScholar customers are realizing significant improvements in their ability to meet mandated reporting requirements but more importantly in their ability to improve pre-K through postsecondary student achievement. eScholar delivers an entire suite of award winning data warehouse, student and staff identifier management and collaborative goal planning solutions. Relied on by 13 state education agencies and over 4,800 districts across the country, eScholar products transform the way educators use data. For more information about eScholar, visit or call 877-328-2969.

Bill Cox
Experience Communications for eScholar



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