Virginia Department of Education Selects eScholar myTrack® as an Instructional Improvement System for School Divisions across the Commonwealth

eScholar myTrack will empower Virginia educators to use data to inform instructional decisions and help students achieve their goals.

White Plains, NY, August 12, 2015 – eScholar, the leader in data solutions that support personalized education, today announced that the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) has selected its solution, myTrack, as an instructional improvement system for school divisions across the commonwealth.

eScholar myTrack: Comprehensive, Secure, and Actionable

eScholar has built its reputation on providing comprehensive and scalable data solutions to the education field. Since 1997, eScholar has developed and deployed solutions that collect, integrate, and manage education data. Its other solutions, such as the eScholar Complete Data Warehouse® and the eScholar Uniq-ID®, are deployed in over a dozen state and federal education agencies and numerous school districts. In 2012, the firm developed myTrack, which leverages the many years of working with education data. myTrack securely integrates and visualizes data so educators can turn insight into actionable next steps for their students. The application architecture was designed using industry standard best practices to ensure the protection and security of data.

Key features in myTrack include:

  • Dashboards that display multiple data categories
  • An early warning system that identifies students who are at-risk
  • Student profiles with longitudinal data
  • Customizable and shareable student notes and groups

myTrack is currently on version 4; future versions will re-incorporate the student academic and behavioral goal-setting functionality. Virginia school divisions will be able to view SOL data alongside other information about their students, such as attendance, at-risk status, and course grades. Typically, this information is stored in separate systems that do not communicate with each other, making it difficult to see the complete picture on each student. With myTrack, a student’s team of educators, such as teachers, guidance counselors, and school administrators, can view data efficiently and collaborate easily.

“myTrack isn’t just about providing data to educators, but providing data in a manner that is clear and actionable, and aligns with the work of educators,” says Andrea Hartman, Director of Product Management at eScholar. “We designed myTrack to ensure that it enhances collaboration and empower educators with better information.”

A Solution That Meets and Exceeds the Data Needs of Virginia School Divisions

VDOE’s search for an instructional improvement system began with stakeholder input from its Data Needs Assessment Project. The goal of the project was to understand how Virginia’s school divisions wanted to use data to inform instruction decisions. The feedback indicated that stakeholders wanted a tool that visualized and interpreted comprehensive and longitudinal data.

Through a highly competitive selection process, VDOE awarded the contract to eScholar. This state-wide contract marks the first time eScholar will be working with Virginia divisions, but Shawn Bay, eScholar Founder and CEO, notes that the company has been working with educators since the company was founded.

“Our work at eScholar has always been guided by our customers and stakeholders, including teachers, parents, and students,” says Shawn Bay. “myTrack is a direct result of that guidance, and we will continue to gather and incorporate feedback from Virginia divisions as we begin the implementation. We are thrilled to be working with VDOE and the school divisions.”

As part of the state-wide contract to support effective data use to improve instruction, VDOE will cover the cost for divisions that choose to implement myTrack. eScholar will soon announce a series of informational webinars and live demonstrations in Virginia so division stakeholders can learn about myTrack and select it as the division’s instructional improvement solution.

About eScholar

eScholar’s mission is to revolutionize the way data is used in education to help parents, educators, and students make informed decisions, lead change, and discover and achieve their goals. Founded in 1997, eScholar provides award-winning solutions to over a dozen state and federal education agencies, serving over 20 million students across the USA. To learn more, visit or call 877-328-2969.


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