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The EdTech Co-op is a purchasing cooperative that, “was formed to address district procurement requirements for Educational Technology Products and Services while leveraging the aggregate volume of Region 10 districts to provide the lowest possible pricing for member districts.” This co-op has given districts across the nation access to products and services that make it through the competitive process to be an EdTech Co-op member. eScholar has been a part of this EdTech Co-op since 2018, and after a competitive evaluation process, we are thrilled to announce eScholar was re-awarded a co-operative contract with the Region 10 EdTech Cooperative. This renewed partnership allows districts and charter schools from all over the country to purchase eScholar Advantage as part of this co-op. eScholar Advantage is for any district that wants to conduct root cause analysis to better support their students. With eScholar Advantage, you’re not just looking at assessment results, but looking at data alongside that result, such as program, demographic, discipline, and more. Districts should not be limited to assessment data. Districts can also use this to analyze data related to finance/budgeting, staff, National Student Clearinghouse, and more. District and school administrators from any sized district or charter school will now have access to a comprehensive analytics solution that provides answers to burning educational questions. Please contact or with any questions. We will also be attending Experience Ed-Tech Conference on October 2nd 2023. We would love to see you in Richardson, Texas this year!

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