eScholar is Attending Experience EdTech 2023

Experiencing EdTech 2023

eScholar Announcement: Upcoming Attendance at Experiencing EdTech 2023

To the eScholar community,

We are excited to inform you of eScholar’s upcoming participation in the Experiencing EdTech 2023 Conference. The event is all about diving headfirst into the incredible world of Educational Technology. If you’re someone who’s connected with Educational Technology in any way, whether it’s looking for the best solutions, ensuring they’re rolled out like a breeze, keeping an eye on the newest trends, or even just figuring out what’s actually working – this event is tailor-made for you!

Details of the Event are as follows:

Date: October 2, 2023

Venue: Region 10 ESC Conference Center

Address: 400 E Spring Valley, Richardson, TX 75081

Event Website: Experiencing EdTech


Key Highlights of eScholar at EdTech 2023:

Our attendance at EdTech 2023 is marked by several significant facets. Firstly, attendees will have the opportunity to explore information about eScholar Advantage and it’s features, which underlines our commitment to innovation in the educational realm. Additionally, our expert team will be on hand for in-depth discussions, addressing questions about our services, their functionalities, and our vision for the future. This event will also serve as a platform for us to interact with other industry participants, fostering an environment ripe for potential collaborations that can further elevate the eScholar platform. Lastly, we will be immersing ourselves in sessions that present the latest trends, challenges, and solutions in the educational technology landscape, ensuring that eScholar remains attuned to the pulse of industry developments.

For those in our community who will be present at EdTech 2023, we eagerly anticipate your engagement with our team. For those who cannot join in person, rest assured that we will share insights and updates from the event in a timely manner.

Your unwavering support and constructive feedback have been cornerstones of eScholar’s evolution, and our dedication to delivering excellence remains steadfast.

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