eScholar Announces “Make My Education Matter” Writing Contest Winners and Finalists

White Plains, NY, June 20, 2013 – eScholar®, the leader in education data solutions to personalize education, is pleased to announce the winners of eScholar’s “Make My Education Matter” essay writing contest.

The “Make My Education Matter” essay writing contest gives students ages 8-17 an opportunity to voice their opinion about their education, asking them to answer the question, “Does your education matter to you?” This is the first time eScholar has offered this contest, and throughout the month of May, eScholar received over 100 entries from students in New York and other states.

The Winners:
Claire Nicholson, 12, first place in the 8-12 category
Thomas Ledbetter, 15, first place in the 13-17 category

Additional Finalists:

Ages 8-12
Chase E., 10
Cole E., 10
Jack C., 12
Zachary H., 12
Ages 13-17
Adam B., 17
Catherine C., 15
John P. H., 17
Sarah D., 17
Taylor S., 16

As the winners, Nicholson and Ledbetter each will receive an iPad mini. Every finalist in both categories will receive a $50 gift card for their outstanding entries.

Each of these students presented a compelling and a unique perspective on why their education matters to them. Nicholson wrote about how education will help her accomplish her goals including becoming an orthodontist. “Some goals I would like to achieve are to go to a great college, get a good education, and give many people the gift of a great smile,” wrote Nicholson. “Having a good education would help me accomplish all my goals. After my family, education is the second most important thing in my life. My education is very important to me and has gotten me to where I am today.”

Ledbetter wrote, “I have aspired to help people with Autism in my own unique way by becoming a neurophysiologist and discovering more about Autism. In order to reach that, I have to go to college and get a degree, which means going to school. I have to be educated. All I hope is that one day, everyone will realize why education is so important, and that without it, we wouldn’t have the great things that we have today.”

Winning entries are available on eScholar website. eScholar would like to congratulate and thank everyone who submitted a response to the contest. “The essays that these students submitted give me and my team a better understanding of the perspective of individual students’ education and their goals,” said Shawn Bay, eScholar Founder and CEO. “The more we understand the different perspectives of individual students, the more we can help educators focus on those students’ needs and help them succeed in achieving their goals. Based on the valuable and varied insights we received, you can be sure eScholar will be sponsoring other essay contests in the future.”

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Ann Tarasena
Media Relations
White Plains, NY
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