CEDS: The Language of Data-Informed Decision Making

Every educational agency that implements a longitudinal data and reporting system has a common goal: to gain insights and inform decision making. The challenge that these organizations are faced with is how can various data systems be linked to accomplish this goal? The solution to this challenge starts with interoperability.

At eScholar, we enable interoperability by the alignment of our solutions to the Common Education Data Standards (CEDS). This common data language enables the seamless connection and exchange of data between a wide variety of otherwise disparate systems. The common data vocabulary established by CEDS is evolving with the expansion of the CEDS Open Source Community. The CEDS Github community provides a forum to submit new use cases and ideas related to CEDS.  We are excited to see how the CEDS grows and progresses with this new community, as we work together to meet the needs of every educational stakeholder through this common data language.

By supporting interoperability, eScholar supports data collection, aggregation, research, analysis, and decision-making across different data sets. Our community of customers are leveraging CEDS for projects that benefit students, educators, and their communities.

For more information on eScholar’s support of interoperability please visit our webpage:

eScholar: Data Interoperability




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