As software applications proliferate at education agencies, the value of information managed by those applications is limited by the inability to manage, store, and deliver that information consistently. The eScholar Complete Data Warehouse is an educational data warehouse that solves this problem by consolidating, validating, standardizing, and integrating data residing in information silos, unlocking the value of that data.

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Key Features & Benefits

Browser-based Interface – eScholar Data Manager™ (eDM™) allows users to visually manage the whole process of collecting, cleansing and integrating data.  The same user-friendly interface enables system administration by authorized users.
Customized data quality and business rules without writing code. eDM includes user-friendly screens for creating, editing, and managing custom rules that can be applied against your incoming data. Catch data quality issues before the data is integrated and loaded into your educational data warehouse.
User-friendly data quality error reports allow data owner to view each record in error, along with each data value contributing to the error and a customizable error message. Easily diagnose and correct your data quality issues, giving you the confidence for action.
Out-of-the-box ETL routines are designed to consolidate, integrate, and load data from any number of data sources dispersed across your enterprise.
The most comprehensive education data model available enables the eScholar Complete Data Warehouse to power data analysis and data science applications that deliver actionable insights that improve student outcomes.
Analyze your enterprise data using any ODBC-compliant reporting, analysis, data dashboard, or business intelligence tool, or leverage eScholar’s dedicated professional services team to build a data presentation layer customized for your needs.
Complete documentation provides transparency into the system for all levels of users.