Education and Goals

Well, over the past 24 hours we have seen a large number of new submissions for our contest, Make My Education Matter. Either people were taking advantage of all the time available to think it through, or maybe procrastinating?  Based on the quality of the responses, I believe most of you were really thinking it through!

After reading so many responses, the key thing that struck me is the following:  We asked you if your education mattered to you and the vast majority of you told us very specifically that yes, it does! Not only does it matter, but many of you explained that your education is really about your life goals.  I think we see a subject for a future essay contest!

The diversity of your goals, and the people and events that inspired your goals said a lot.  Some of you want to be bakers, others bankers, many want to be leaders, discoverers of cures, helpers of others and at least a couple that want to be the first person to achieve some ambitious goal.  It was great to see how many of you want to be teachers.  I think that says something so profound and good about the work teachers do.

I personally have found this contest to be very inspirational.  I know, by helping make education more personalized to each one of you, we are doing something important.

Thank you all for your thoughts.   …If you still have a few thoughts, please leave them in the comment box below, or Tweet us at eScholar!



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