Sessions from 2017 NCES STATS-DC Data Conference

NCES STATS-DC Summer Data Conference: Better Data From the Inside Out

If you missed this past summer’s NCES STATS-DC Data Conference, we’d like to share with you the amazing sessions that took place!

Here is the Agenda-At-a-Glance.

Here are the Demonstration Descriptions.

eScholar along with our customers, old friends and new ones too, presented on a broad spectrum of topics. Our sessions were well attended and we had a lot of great questions! We always look forward to conferences like this to receive feedback, suggestions, and conversations around data from leaders in our industry.

eScholar Sessions

If you are interested in taking a look at some of our sessions, feel free to download them here:


The Value of Running on a District Longitudinal Data Structure with Fort Wayne Community Schools, IN.

The Presenters: Shawn Bay, CEO and Founder of eScholar, Jack Byrd, Director of Technology, Rafi Nolan-Abrahamian, Strategic Data Fellow, and Aaron Gernhardt, Senior Programmer and Analyst


A 100-Meter Sprint or a Marathon: How Three Different Harvard Data Fellows Run with Data *This was a panel discussion where we had people from the audience ask some Harvard Data Fellows that we work with questions about how they work in their districts. If you would like to learn more about this session, reach out to us!

The Presenters: Elissa Seto, Senior Manager of Marketing and Sales from eScholar, Jack Byrd and Rafi Nolan-Abrahamian of Fort Wayne Community Schools, and Alyssa Reinhart of Syracuse City Public Schools.


Data Privacy in Louisiana 

The Presenters: Karen Addesso, Senior Project Manager at eScholar, Kim Nesmith Data Governance and Privacy Director at Louisiana Department of Education, and Amelia Vance, Education Policy Counsel at the Future of Privacy Forum


Using Data to Feed Children: Improving Accuracy in Identifying Eligible Students for Direct Certification

The Presenters: Juan Guerrero, Product Manager from eScholar and Rebecca Lamury, Information Management Director

Thank you to all that attended our sessions and our eScholar Masquerade Reception! See you next year!




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