Calling all educators! We need you for our Advisory Panel!



As a part of eScholar’s commitment to helping the educator community in all their technology needs we are proud to announce the setting up of the eScholar Advisory Panel, which would consist of leaders from the education field, who want to make a difference and aspire to be advocates for positive changes through education technology. 

Why an Advisory Panel?

While we work tirelessly to provide the best solutions, we want to partner with you and hear your pain points sooner than later so eScholar solution more closely align with educators’ day-to-day needs. Establishing a channel to have continuous feedback will do just that. In working with educators over the years, we have found that there is a gap in what is needed in classrooms and what is being offered to them, and that gap exists because there are not many structured platforms to hear suggestions from teachers, staff, and administrators.

The eScholar Advisory Panel will empower educators to have their voices are heard and will help us in staying true to our mission.


The Role of the eScholar Advisory Panel Members :

  • ToAdvise: The eScholar Advisory Panel will assess specific areas of eScholar myTrack, our personalized education platform, and makes suggestions and recommendations designed to improve that specific
  • ToSupport and Advocate — The  advisory committee promotes the myTrack application throughout the community, offering personal success stories, experiences, and insights about the use of the system in their everyday tasks.

We look forward to working closely with the members as we strive to revolutionize education through data.

Interested in Having Your Opinions Heard? 

We’d love to have you apply to join our panel! As a member of the eScholar Advisory Panel, we ask for about an hour of your time every other month, from October 2017 through June 2018. eScholar Advisory Panel activities may include a conference call, an online survey, or even exploring applications before they’re released to the public.

If you would like to sign up for our panel, fill out this form here!




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