Data Warehouse Case Study: Ft. Wayne Community Schools

Collect and Connect District Data In A Data Warehouse

School districts have the challenging task of collecting and connecting data to help inform decisions across various projects, from early warning systems to program evaluation. Many districts struggle with being data-rich yet information poor. However, having a data warehouse with the breadth and depth to integrate data across many source systems can have a transformational impact on a district. eScholar discussed their data warehouse with Ft. Wayne Community Schools and how their implementation went in this data warehouse case study.

FT Wayne Community School’s Data Warehouse Supports Their Initiatives

eScholar and Jack Byrd, the Chief Systems Officer of the Fort Wayne Community Schools, and his team shared some best practices of leveraging their data warehouse for data initiatives across the district. Topics included in this data warehouse case study:

  1. Powering student-teacher linkage data to support teacher evaluations, including those as a Teacher Incentive Fund grantee
  2. Considerations when bringing in additional data sources for the data warehouse as new projects emerge or source systems change
  3. Using the data warehouse to populate “data briefcases,” longitudinal student data reports that are made available to educators

This webinar is geared toward a broad audience of district administrators and staff, including district leaders of technology, research, evaluation, and accountability, along with principals, instructional coaches, and teachers. State and regional education agency teams may also find the topic engaging.

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