Celebrating 20 Years of eScholar!


20 Years of Empowering Leaders

Data empowers people to make decisions and take actions. At eScholar, all of our solutions provide the capabilities to make better, more accurate, and more precise decisions. Now, with the readiness project, we are taking additional steps to empower students with their one pathway to success. Rather than wondering, “How do I get started on my goals?” or “What can I do for a career?” they have the information to take a clear path towards their goals.

With our 20 year celebration this month, we would like to share with you some of our greatest accomplishments and achievements as an education technology company in the industry. What better way to share with you our achievements with the help our of customer community than infographics that share the breath and depth of how rooted and committed we are to continuing to change the way that you use education data.


We’d like to share with you 4 new infographics and a video from our staff to you!

20 Years of Longitudinal Data Systems: Milestones of the eScholar Complete Data Warehouse and the Education Data Field

7 Facts About the eScholar Team

Goals Matter: 5 Reasons to Get Personalized Goals for Your Students

10 States and Over 37 Million Unique IDs: eScholar Uniq-ID by the Numbers 






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