Goals Matter Contest Winner: Anna, Age 11

This spring, eScholar held a Goal Matters Essay and Video Contest for students ages 8-17. As we read and watched hundreds of creative entries to choose winners and finalists, we were inspired by how driven, articulate, and optimistic these young students are. It’s clear that they are serious about their future aspirations. Many are motivated to make their community and the world a better place.

That’s where predictability ended. No two stories were alike. Each entry spoke uniquely about the individual student and what it means for them to set their sights on a personal goal. Our judges had a tough time selecting finalists – let alone winners – from such a great group of submissions.

Yesterday, we featured the winner for best teen essay response. Today, we are introducing you to Anna V., winner for best youth essay response. Anna, a young student from New York, reminds us that it’s important to protect the environment.

Anna V., Age 11

Personal goal: To be a Marine Biologist

Excerpt: “The reason that I want to reach this goal is because the sea is a place that mankind doesn’t know much about…. I want to be the one to discover those new species of sea life. I also want to help the marine life. There are oil spills that happen all of the time. Most of them are small but they don’t have to be very big to hurt the sea life…I hope that after reading this essay you realize that the sea is in danger of pollution at extreme measures. The sea is a whole other world that takes up most of the earth.Humans think that our part of the world is the largest but it is not. Nature is the biggest part of the world and one of the most important. I want to tell the world by being a famous marine biologist that they should not pollute anymore and convincing the humans that they are ruining earth by polluting. That would make a HUGE difference in the environment.”



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