Announcement: eScholar is Part of the AWS Partner Network (APN)

We are happy to let the community know that eScholar officially became part of the AWS Partner Network (APN) in 2020.

At eScholar, we have been offering SaaS solutions hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) since 2012. When we were first looking for cloud-hosting solutions, we looked for solutions that provide excellent performance and scalability while also offering world-class security, such as FedRAMP compliance. AWS stood out for excelling in all three areas and still does. We already host several of our customers on AWS, such as Syracuse City School District and the Louisiana Department of Education.

By hosting our solutions on AWS, we provide all of the benefits of SaaS offerings. Our customers and their stakeholders get the benefit of scalability, performance, and security of AWS, while the customer gets the benefit of eScholar administering the system. With our SaaS solutions, eScholar provides all administration services, including installing updates, managing the software to optimize uptime, and managing disaster recovery and business continuity plans. We are also exploring ways to leverage native AWS capabilities in our solutions, including visualization and machine learning capabilities from QuickSight.

If you’re not looking to move to the cloud any time soon, no worries. We recognize and understand that many states have requirements regarding where and how data is hosted. Our solutions are still available as on-premise solutions and can be hosted on other cloud providers. This flexibility is part of our commitment to support all customers.

For anyone in the community who is looking to explore moving their eScholar Solution to AWS, please feel free to reach out to your eScholar account manager to discuss or comment below in the blog. We’d appreciate hearing more about your use cases and goals.



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