Announcing eScholar’s Annual Student Contest: Goals Matter

It’s finally spring, and that means school’s almost out for the summer.  As students and teachers prepare to wrap up this school year, it’s the perfect time to take a quick break to celebrate all the great things students have learned and accomplished. Last spring, we launched our inaugural annual student contest with Make My Education Matter, which asked students if their education mattered to them.  The contest was incredibly valuable, not just in regards to providing insight from the student’s perspective, but also in the interaction that we had with some of the students and their parents.

I actually had the opportunity to meet some of them in person! On a recent trip to Mississippi, I met one of our essay finalists, J.P., and his parents, Daphne and John.

 The Higgins Family with Shawn

Last year in his essay, JP had written about the importance of his education in helping him reach his goals: “I want to be a mentor to young men especially, who may be thinking ‘why am I even trying’ . . . But to get there, I’ve got to stay true to my goal of achieving what matters most to me right now – getting the best education that I can because whatever you plan to do in life – education matters.”

This year, inspired by all of the great insight from students, along with our mission at eScholar, we’re asking a new question. Our question this year is: What is a goal you want to accomplish and why?

Not only will be awarding iPad Minis to the winners again, but this time, their teachers can also win a $100 gift card. Last year, it was clear that many teachers encouraged their students to submit essays, so we want to provide a token of appreciation to the winners’ teachers.

Entering is simple. Students can write an essay or create a video to answer the question, and they can also elaborate by explaining what motivates them, who has encouraged them, how they plan to accomplish this goal, and how will their education help them.

Though we speak with different kinds of educators every day, engaging with students directly is a great privilege. I’m looking forward to seeing what students come up with this year.

For more contest details and the complete rules and to submit an essay or a video, click here.





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