Prebuilt, tested and maintained data transformation and calculation logic reflecting the latest business rules and guidance from the U.S. Department of Education.
EDFacts Data Mart storing current and historical EDFacts data for year-over-year comparisons and analysis.
Browser-based Dashboard each of the nearly 100 EDFacts submissions is required to progress through multiple stages of preparation. eScholar keeps track of it all and guides you through each step from beginning to end.  At any time, you know exactly what you need to do next.
Compatibility with any ODBC-compliant reporting and analysis tool, so you can analyze the data in your EDFacts Data Mart using whatever tool you are most comfortable with.
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Source Your Data from any number of source systems – including the eScholar Complete Data Warehouse.
Error and Warning Logs alert you to data anomalies before submission to the EDFacts portal.
Store Historical Data for year-over-year comparison of EDFacts file data.
Focus on Data Quality without being distracted by the hundreds of business rules, rollups, aggregation, formatting, and file naming requirements demanded by EDFacts.
Manage Your Workflow Visually in a single environment, using our EDFacts Dashboard to guide you through each step of the process.