eScholar Launches eScholar myTrack® Version 5.2, a Personalized Education Platform

eScholar myTrack provides a platform for data, collaboration, and personalized education plans.


eScholar, the leader in education data solutions, today announced the release of eScholar myTrack, version 5.2. With this release, myTrack provides classrooms, schools, and districts with a single personalized education platform to bring together data from disparate sources, enable collaboration with colleagues, and create personalized education plans for all students. Version 5.2 benefits include accessibility for authorized users to data on a specific student and reduction in time for management of rosters and users.

Many school districts rely on multiple systems to collect and manage education data. However, these systems, such as student information and assessment systems, generally exist as separate siloes, making it difficult for administrators, educators, and support staff to see the whole picture for every student. Managing goals, interventions and progress logs related to Multi-Tiered Support Systems (MTSS), Response to Intervention (RTI), and Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) are often tedious and time-consuming efforts.

With myTrack, they now can have a solution that integrates data seamlessly from those systems and provides a single platform to create personalized education plans. Users can view and print comprehensive Student Profile reports on each student, including his/her academic performance, meeting information, communication logs, attendance details, and goals with progress. This information is used collaboratively among the educators working with the student and help provide a current and historical picture of the student. eScholar myTrack makes it easy to identify students at-risk and recognize trends in performance.

Version 5.2 also includes new enhancements to Goals, a core feature in myTrack. With Goals, users can set personalized academic and behavioral goals for students, assign targets for goal attainment, and assign interventions to help students achieve their goals. myTrack even allows users to set specific parameters around their strategies, such as where the strategy will be used and how often they will log progress.

“We designed myTrack to help schools and districts build a culture of collaboration focused on student goals,” said Andrea Hartman, eScholar Director of Product Management and the Product Manager for myTrack. “All of the teachers, guidance counselors, and administrators know exactly what the students’ goals are, how they are progressing, and which interventions are working.”

For decades, research studies have shown that setting goals can increase motivation and achievement, and many districts have implemented goal-focused programs to help students succeed. Now with myTrack, there is a single platform that securely integrates data, enables users to create specific goals and next steps to get students on the right track to success. It can also be used to support MTSS, RTI, and PBIS efforts.

The release of myTrack version 5.2 continues eScholar’s mission to revolutionize education through data. myTrack has been implemented in districts in Texas and North Carolina. Overall, eScholar’s solutions have been implemented in 15 states across the country.




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