Happy Holidays 2015! A year of accomplishments and a good track for 2016!

What a year it has been!

2015 marks 18 years of delivering innovative data systems to educators across the country.  In this 18th year, we have seen our impact in the education field expand in every way.  We have delivered increasingly powerful capabilities to ever-broader audiences.  There are now more states using eScholar’s technology to help students and they are all doing more with it.

We have seen our ability to support students from early childhood through Postsecondary Education continue to expand.  States that started out in one sector of education have expanded to more.  All of this is part of initiatives by both eScholar and our customers to serve students well throughout their educational career.

We are also very excited about the ongoing development of our capabilities to use data to guide students toward their goals.  We have developed very effective ways of engaging students and teachers in goal setting and even more importantly goal achievement.

This year, we have gotten better at essentially everything we do and we have gotten to deliver our capabilities to even more people.  What could be better?   Maybe 2016!

In the next year we will deliver new generations of technology that will better support the real time nature of education and

I hope everyone’s 2015 has been as good as ours.




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