eScholar Delivers Latest Version of Complete Data Warehouse®

Updates Include Enhancements in Support of Teacher-Student Dashboards, Customization of Data Quality Rules, CEDS 3.0, Storage of and Linkage to Common Core State Standards

White Plains, NY – September 5, 2013 – eScholar, the leader in education data management solutions, recently released version 15.0 of the eScholar Complete Data Warehouse® (CDW). The eScholar CDW is the leading platform supporting data-driven decision making in education. eScholar CDW v15.0 delivers enhancements in support of education data standards such as CEDS 3.0, support for teacher-student dashboards including those offered by the Ed-Fi® Alliance, and enhanced support for academic standards including the Common Core State Standards.

The eScholar CDW is designed to allow education agencies to integrate otherwise siloed transactional data from across the enterprise, while enforcing the myriad of data quality rules unique to each state and local education agency to ensure data is accurate and reliable. Once the data is unlocked from these silos and integrated, it can be analyzed and visualized both longitudinally and comprehensively to inform the decisions of various stakeholders and improve student outcomes. ”Version 15.0 of the eScholar Complete Data Warehouse continues our commitment to ensuring clean, reliable, integrated education data that drives support of education professionals with applications that enable education tailored to each individual,” said Russ Redgate, eScholar CDW Product Manager. “eScholar data warehouse solution remains the leading platform, providing education agencies the solid foundation of quality data critical to offering increased access to more personalized education at low cost.”

Key enhancements include:

  • Unlimited support for tracking student awards
  • Support for unlimited student contacts and the many relationships among students and contact persons
  • Support of any academic standards data, including Common Core State Standards, and the relationships among standards and courses and assessments
  • Enhanced ability to uniquely configure data quality rules
  • Enhancements in support of EDEN/EdFacts
  • Updated support for elements of CEDS 3.0 and student-teacher dashboards

Data Warehousing in Education

Schools collect pertinent information from multiple sources to drive instruction and meet specific Federal and State-level requirements. The information collected ranges from student attendance and enrollment records to class grades and credits, program participation and funding, testing, staff assignments and certifications, professional development, budgets, and more. An education data warehouse integrates and consolidates this information – otherwise dispersed across the enterprise – ensuring data integrity and applying data quality and validation checks to preserve confidence in the reliability of the data. It also feeds the information to data-driven applications such as analysis and reporting tools and data dashboards used by all education stakeholders, including administrators at all levels, teachers, counselors, support staff, students, parents, and legislators.

Fast Facts:

  • eScholar CDW is the most comprehensive P-20 education data warehouse solution available
  • eScholar’s data management products are relied upon by nearly 20 million students, more than 4,800 school districts and 13 state-wide implementations
  • The eScholar CDW meets, on average, over 90% of education agencies’ data requirements out of-the-box, enabling rapid implementation and fast demonstration of value to all stakeholders
    and providing the foundation of integrated, accurate, and reliable data used by educators and their students and parents throughout the education system

About the eScholar Complete Data Warehouse Solution

The eScholar Complete Data Warehouse® Solution is the most widely used COTS (commercial off-the-shelf) software solution for gathering and managing Pre-Kindergarten through postsecondary educational data. Once loaded into the eScholar CDW, the integrated data forms a longitudinal history that can provide valuable insights into student achievement, educational programs, and effective teaching techniques. The eScholar CDW’s comprehensive, detailed and longitudinal structure is crucial to the analysis demanded by local and state educators who want to foster a data-driven decision-making environment and meet evolving Federal and State reporting requirements. For more information about eScholar CDW, visit, call 877-328-2969, or email

About eScholar

eScholar is the nation’s leading innovator in the application of billions of individual education data points to support the needs and goals of each person. eScholar customers are realizing significant improvements in their ability to meet mandated reporting requirements but more importantly in their ability to improve pre-K through postsecondary student achievement. eScholar delivers an entire suite of award winning data warehouse, student and staff identifier management and collaborative goal planning solutions. Relied on by 13 state education agencies and over 4,800 school districts across the country, eScholar products transform the way educators use data. To learn more, join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter.

Ann Tarasena
Media Relations
White Plains, NY
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