Delivering insights has been a key part of our work from day one.  We have been answering educators key questions for many years and across all aspects of education.  We work to deliver as much of the analytical work as possible through products focused specifically on the key issues in education.  We found that each product must focus on educator’s key objective, understanding each individual student and providing help focused on each student success.  eScholar myTrack is the culmination of our work to help better personalize education for every student.


eScholar’s Data Science work never ends, we continue to push boundaries to find ways that insights can guide improvement.  Some of our most exciting results have been in the area of predictive analytics.  We have found that we can provide a lot of help by identifying pathways to success and pointing out activities that lead to failure early, when there is plenty of time to correct.  We have found, for example that our data science team, who is entrusted to deliver insights from billions of educational records can identify and even qualify the educational impact of different educational pathways in preparing students for success.  These techniques are helping students succeed today and will be delivered on a broad scale through eScholar products tomorrow.