eScholar myTrack®

Turn Insights Into Actions

Data-informed decision making in education can be a challenge.
With eScholar myTrack, it doesn’t have to be.




myTrack includes numerous tools to collaborate with colleagues. Users can record meeting minutes, write anecdotals, log communications, create shared groups of students, and more. With myTrack, districts and states can integrate data from different sources into a single platform. Educators interact with stunning data visualizations and create personalized education plans for every student with just a few clicks.

Early Warning


myTrack makes it easy to identify students at-risk and recognize trends in performance. With clear indicator flags and engaging data visualizations, users don’t have to be data gurus. Create personalized education plans by setting academic and behavioral goals, assigning strategies, establishing measures, and tracking progress towards achieving those goals.


Student Profiles

The goal with our Tier Nomination is to provide support to these students to meet their needs, to keep them in class learning and to avoid escalation to more intensive services. The Student Profile provides a longitudinal profile of a specific student. It contains several different tabs allowing you to view a variety of data on the student.

Advisory Panel


The mission for the myTrack Advisory Panel is strategic planning, long term performance, product direction and growth. We want to hear from our users what is working and what isn’t. The Groups feature enables you to set up a “virtual group” where you can keep an eye on how  students in a specific group are doing.


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Our Solutions



Identity matching solution to support the integrity and accuracy necessary to personalized education, even for highly mobile students.

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Complete Data Warehouse

Complete solution that includes standards based data collection, powerful data cleansing and comprehensive data integration.

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Supported and comprehensive solution that takes the tedium and complexity out of federal EDFacts reporting.

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eScholar U

Professional development and training for educators, administrators, support staff and IT teams delivered both live and on-line.

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eScholar DirectMatch quickly and accurately identifies children who are eligible for free and reduced school meals.

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