Data Interoperability

Using the Common Education Data Standards to Achieve Interoperability and Greater Insights

eScholar solutions all align to Common Education Data Standards (CEDS) to ensure interoperability with different systems. Data interoperability gives us ability to provide solutions and services that exchange data in a seamless, secure and controlled way.

By supporting interoperability, eScholar supports data collection, aggregation, research, analysis, and decision-making across different data sets. Our community of customers are leveraging CEDS to for projects that benefit students, educators, and their communities.

An example of the success our customer community has achieved is the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (DPI). North Carolina DPI implemented the eScholar Complete Data Warehouse® as its K-13 longitudinal data warehouse, known as the Common Education Data Analysis and Reporting System (CEDARS). CEDARS is also a part of the North Carolina P-20W System, which links data from early childhood through workforce. With CEDS, the North Carolina DPI benefits from a common data language across its diverse data sources. By implementing solutions aligned to CEDS, it simplifies its reporting and analysis processes.

The breadth and depth of the eScholar Complete Data Warehouse covers over 3000 data elements in over 60 data domains. In some cases, the eScholar solutions go beyond the fields available in CEDS. Below is just a sample comparison of the CEDS data model to the eScholar Complete Data Warehouse.

Support for the Open Source CEDS Community

eScholar’s alignment to Common Education Data Standards remains vital to the success of the community. With the recent move to GitHub as an open source community, we anticipate seeing greater and enhanced benefits that build on the existing ones, including:

  • Greater interoperability among systems
  • Flexibility across products and solutions
  • Improved data quality and collection processes
  • Greater communication and sharing of best practices
  • An enhanced culture of using data

CEDS Resources:

CEDS Initiative Webpage

CEDS Open Source Community

CEDS and SLDS Aligning Efforts: Issue Brief

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