eScholar 2018 Uniq-ID Conference Sessions

Student Data Privacy: From Policies to Practice
Kim Nesmith, Louisiana Department of Education

Learn how the Louisiana Department of Education combated the Louisiana’s Student Data Privacy Law prohibiting the collection of certain data from students, prohibiting school systems from sending personally identifiable information (PII) to the Louisiana Department of Education (LDOE), and applying hefty penalties to anyone or entity in violation of the law. Download the PowerPoint here.

TSDS Unique ID: The Heart of Everything
Terri Hanson, Texas Education Agency

Learn about TEA’s journey on SLDS implementation how TEA incorporated unique ids during implementation and why it is important to have a common identifier from early childhood to workforce. Download the PowerPoint here. 

The Golden Record
Juan Guerrero, eScholar

Unlike the “Golden Record” found inside NASA’s Voyagers 1 and 2 missions, person records at the State and District level are in constant flux. In this session, eScholar and LDE will discuss how Uniq-ID data can be leveraged to be the System of Record for State and District Information Systems so that all systems are using the latest, most complete and validated records. Download the PowerPoint here. 

How We Use eScholar and Integrate with PowerSchool
Alan Renton, South Carolina Department of Education

South Carolina uses eScholar to uniquely identify students throughout the state. We use SIF to connect to our SIS (PowerSchool). I’ll discuss some of the requirements we have and the issues we face in meeting them. I’ll also cover some possible solutions to improve performance. Download the PowerPoint here. 

Enrollment Tracking in Texas Public Schools: Migrating TEA to UID Enrollment Events Functionality
Terri Hanson, Texas Education Agency

This session is about near-real time enrollment tracking in TX public schools and how TEA is switching from the legacy Person Enrollment Tracking (PET) to a newly built component in UID system. Download the PowerPoint here. 

Using Data to Feed Children: Improving Accuracy in Identifying Eligible Children using Direct Certification
Rebecca Lamury, Louisiana Department of Education

States face a challenging task when finding students who are eligible for free or reduced-price meals. Files from disparate state agencies must be matched against district and school-level student information for identification and reimbursement.

For Louisiana, this is further complicated by legal restrictions, mandated in 2014, that prevent the Louisiana Department of Education (LDOE) from receiving or accessing student personally identifiable information (PII) which is imperative to the matching and certification process. Download the PowerPoint here. 

Managing Uniq-IDs, Supporting LEAs, and sharing Best Practices: Perspectives from Louisiana, New Mexico and Texas
Moderator: Elissa Seto, eScholar

Three panelists will discuss how they are managing IDs, specifically tips for resolving duplicate and shared IDs.  In addition they will discuss their approaches to supporting LEA users with issues in using the application and resolving near matches.  Finally they will share best practices developed over the years. Download the PowerPoint here. 

Person Matching Overview: From Akbar to Zeb
Juan Guerrero, eScholar

Learn how eScholar uses a blend of deterministic and probabilistic algorithms to match millions of students every year across 10 states and the Migrant Student Records Exchange Initiative (MISIX). Additionally, the team will introduce new ideas such as the Near Match Rule Engine which helps DirectMatch customers reduce the number of Near Matches they have to resolve manually. Download the PowerPoint here. 

Uniq-ID 360: A Deep Dive into ID Management
Juan Guerrero and Elaine Rulla, eScholar

Learn and share best practices for resolving near matches, splitting IDs and retiring IDs. In this session, eScholar and the participants will review the match decision process, consider the UID special rules and discuss the process of splitting and retiring IDs. Join us to learn how different states are handling these special ID cases. Download the PowerPoint here.

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