Supporting Key Education Standards, Assessments and Data Sources

Agencies are faced with a myriad of data sources that are essential to a successful education data warehouse or Longitudinal Data System. Our solutions support the use of hundreds of different education related data sources, including virtually all Student Information Systems, and commercial assessments. Additionally, our products were designed to work with other key technologies and applications, including reporting and analysis tools by taking advantage of industry standard interfaces.

One of the keys to all of this has been the commitment eScholar has made to educational data standards. We implement the standards from the ground-up in our products and have continuously contributed to their development from the very beginning. By doing this, we are not trying to provide you with every assessment, or data system you will ever need, we are trying to provide you with access to all of the data that you can use to help students succeed. …all in one place, all the time.

Data Integration Partners

Our partners include education industry leaders in services, assessments, technology and Student Information Systems. These relationships have enabled us to deliver solutions to our customers, which have helped them to:

  • Reduce the time to value for their data systems implementations
  • Improve their ability to meet state and federal reporting requirements
  • Establish a data-driven decision making environment
  • More effectively and efficiently assess student, program and teacher progress
  • Meet DQC and other standards for Longitudinal Data Systems