Company Overview

eScholar is the United States’ leading innovator in education data solutions that support personalized education to over 20 million students across the country. With over eighteen years of experience exclusively serving the data needs of educators, eScholar combines data expertise, educator best practices and user experience turning insight into action.

Our Leadership

The eScholar team is composed of technology, data science and education experts focused on only one thing, helping students achieve their goals by improving the effectiveness of education. We do this by empowering educators with valuable information to turn insight into action.
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Our Customers

eScholar is at the forefront of enabling State Education Agencies (SEAs) and Local Education Agencies (LEAs) to collect and use education data to improve education outcomes.
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Press Releases and Media Mentions about eScholar
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eScholar® participates in key industry and client conferences. At these conferences, you can hear clients discuss how eScholar products have transformed the way they use data to improve education. Attend an eScholar session to better understand how eScholar is forging a new future for the use of data in education.
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Security & Privacy

At eScholar, we understand that we have a great responsibility as a vendor serving the education field. eScholar serves many education agencies and our data management solutions have an impact on over 20 million students. The proper handling of our client’s data, including student data, is a top priority for us.
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Data Integration Partners

Today’s sophisticated capabilities for using data to help students requires access to a wide range of information, often from multiple sources. That’s why eScholar has established relationships with education data and assessment leaders as well as software and services leaders who can leverage eScholar products to deliver robust, practical solutions you need to meet your education data management requirements.

eScholar Community

The eScholar teams are members of many communities and our focus is on helping every student discover and achieve the goals they have for their lives. We do this through our work every day, but we don’t stop there.
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Our Values

eScholar embraces our commitment to serve students, parents and educators by upholding our values of integrity, leadership, respect and diversity. These core principles guide our decision-making and set the standards for which we are held accountable.
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Join Our Team

The eScholar team is composed of professionals from a variety of disciplines. Every person at eScholar is dedicated to the improvement of education for all students. We seek to work with people who embrace this philosophy and who understand that it takes a diverse and expert team to develop the products and services that have made eScholar the leader in using data to improve education.
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