How is eScholar Implementing the Common Education Data Standards (CEDS)?

In education, the majority education agencies and vendors rely and implement the Common Education Data Standards (CEDS) to use a common language for disparate data applications. At eScholar, we’ve not only been advocates of CEDS, but we’ve been implementing them since version 1 and even earlier with the NCES Student Data Handbooks. But what exactly does this mean if a vendor or agency is implementing CEDS? Why do these data standards matter in applications such as the eScholar Complete Data Warehouse or eScholar myTrack?


On Tuesday, March 29th, at 1 PM, join us for a free webinar with the CEDS community on how we’ve adopted and implemented CEDS into our products and how our customers use these products. eScholar Founder and CEO Shawn Bay will be presenting for eScholar and several other vendors will be presenting as well.

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